Environmental Compliances In Mining Tenements

Environmental Compliances In Mining Tenements / Flout Software

Conditions are placed on the granting of tenements to ensure that the holder abides by all applicable legal and regulatory requirements. Mining tenements will grant the holder the right to conduct exploration or mining within a specific jurisdiction. This is in addition to a framework for regulation in areas like environmental management, work health and safety, sustainability, environmental protection, water management, community consultation, native title protection, and heritage protection.

Adherence to the myriad of legal and regulatory standards in the resources industry is essential to keeping operations running smoothly and maintaining a social licence to operate.

Environmental Compliances In Mining Tenements

1. Occupational Safety and Health

The mining business and mining operations are not without their own unique dangers. The mining industry is home to a wide range of these because of the complicated and often dangerous nature of mining work. Safety and health on the job are often governed by individual states and jurisdictions rather than the central government. Mining companies must be familiar with and adhere to all applicable occupational health and safety regulations to guarantee the wellbeing of their employees.

All mining firms are required to comply with work health and safety regulations in all states, which are typically created specifically for mines, quarries, and petroleum sites. Noncompliance with health and safety regulations in the workplace not only endangers the lives of workers but also may cost businesses a lot of money and hurt their image. In severe cases, failure to meet these requirements might result in the closure of the mine and the loss of the associated tenements.

Environmental Compliances In Mining Tenements / Flout Software

2. Environmental Compliance

Potentially harmful environmental effects may result from exploration and mining. The holder of a mining tenement is usually obligated, both by the terms of the tenement and by the relevant statutory laws, to take steps to mitigate any negative effects on the environment and to improve environmental management and rehabilitation. Maintaining an organisation’s social licence to function depends on its commitment to environmental responsibility.

The government agencies in charge of overseeing resource projects are devoting greater resources to conducting frequent compliance audits and site inspections. That’s why it’s crucial to keep up with your environmental requirements and keep records of your efforts.

3. Community Consultation

Details of community engagement are commonly requested during the application phase and during the life of a tenement, and this is because community consultation is an essential part of the grant process for a mining tenement. To get the support of local stakeholders and get clearance for a project, it’s crucial to consult with and work with them effectively. In order to obtain exploration and mining tenements, applicants must often provide proof of community consultation.

Tenement holders must fulfil all legal duties, including those relating to community consultation to maintain their social licence to operate.


Serious health, safety, and environmental protection violations can result in fines and punishment. If this happens, it might hurt your company’s reputation and future performance.

All operators must follow the law. Corporate and operational compliance not only ensures you are satisfying the terms and conditions of given approvals but also helps your project succeed.

An integral part of every mining or exploration project is ensuring that environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns are addressed. Our mining attorneys, tenement specialists, and environmental consultants at Flout Software know how important it is to follow rules from the beginning of exploration to ultimate reclamation.

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Environmental Compliances In Mining Tenements / Flout Software