Key Features To Look For In Tenement Management Software

Key Features To Look For In Tenement Management Software / Flout Software

You can be confident that your mining and exploration assets in Australia or overseas will be in good standing if you use Tenement Management Software. It allows you to keep track of all the details of your tenement, as well as the requirements and activities that go with them, including reductions, reporting, renewals, and boundaries.

Other items to keep track of include native title, notices, rates, rents, bank securities, royalties, and expenditure. However, choosing the right Tenant Management Software for your business might be difficult if you don’t know what features to look for. Read on to learn about the essential features of tenement management software and how to use them to your benefit.

Key Features To Look For In A Tenement Management Software

1. Easy-To-Use Dashboard

The best tenement management software comes with an easy-to-use dashboard. This dashboard provides convenient access to the tasks considered to be the most vital, such as the data about your tenement, creating a new EA and other functions.

2. Tailored To Your Jurisdiction And Tenement Number

The ideal tenements management software is tailored to your jurisdiction and tenement number. Simply enter your tenement number into the software to check if you comply with regulations and statutory dates. It will immediately display the required information from the state database.

3. Secure And Cloud-Based

The cloud-based function included in tenement management software allows you and the rest of your team to access the tenement information you need both in the office and on the move. In addition, you won’t need to worry about the safety of your data because it will be stored securely.

Key Features To Look For In Tenement Management Software / Flout Software

4. Interactive Message Board

It’s possible to interact with your team using the message board feature of the tenement management software. Members of your team can use the message board to see any messages you have left for them. You can also retain an auditable and permanent record of your conversations by using the email log function that captures the message’s content, sender, time, and date.

5. Perform Multi-Tasks At Once With Multiview

Do you remember when your rent is due? What percentage of your EA documentation has been completed? The tenement management software’s multiview function allows you to simultaneously organise and mark actions in several tenements, saving countless hours of input time.

6. Generate Report

Using tenement management software, you can generate the reports you need from your tenement data in less time. The software can create expenditure reports, statutory observation reports etc.

In Summary

All the above features are available in our 1slate software, allowing you to make informed business decisions. 1slate software is cloud-based, secure, and tailored to the requirements of your jurisdiction.

It will save hours spent on repetitive tenement-related duties, reduce costs, and enhance productivity. Please contact the Flout team today if you’d like to learn more about how 1slate software can help you manage your mining tenement compliance.

Key Features To Look For In Tenement Management Software / Flout Software